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top ten tuesday :: beauty

Welcome to the first Top Ten Tuesday post! Where I’ll give you a random list of my {Leslie} top ten faves of something… who knows… could be anything from places to visit, to celebrities I’d most like to marry… the sky’s the limit! And hey, there is no rhyme or reason to this list, it’s just from my personal thoughts, opinions, experience, or in this case, medicine cabinet! BUT…please leave comments below on what YOU think should be added to the list!Today is the top ten things that have been a part of my “beauty regime” for as long as I can remember (to some fairly recent additions)! And in no particular order they are… ::1. Purpose Soap. (I have combination/oily skin and this takes away the grease completely leaving it feel squeaky clean!)
2. A Matte Moisturizer. (Right now I’m using Elizabeth Arden’s variety, but typically this has been whatever I can find in TJ Maxx…)
3. Clinique’s Pressed Powder Foundation. (I’ve been a constant buyer of this for over 10 years…as I refuse to wear a liquid foundation EVER! …I break out immediately!)
4. Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Shadow Pallet (A recent addition to my routine, it’s perfect…a go to for EVERY day, for EVERY outfit, EVERY look!)
5. Clinique High Lengths Mascara. (I have been screaming about this from the rooftops since it came out! I have short-ish lashes, and this gets them all right down to the base!)
6. Stila Lip Gloss (Love the colors, love the wear, the shine, and the packaging!)
7. OPI (If you saw my collection, you’d be convinced I work at a nail salon… I SWEAR they’re different shades!…and they stay on for weeks!)
8. Goody’s Moisture Wicking Brush (I have a LOT of hair… and it really does cut down my blowdrying time by at LEAST a third!…which is a LOT for someone that takes 30 mins to dry their hair!)
9. Kenra Volume Finishing Spray #25 (Ok, so my friend SWEARS by this stuff… and I gotta say, she must be right, because the only time curls will stay in my hair, is when she does it!)
10. Bobby Pins. (I mean seriously… who could survive without these little slices of heaven… and who couldn’t always use more?! I think I throw another package in the cart every time I walk down that isle at the grocery store!)So take it or leave it, but these are may favorite (and affordable!) beauty finds… perfect to get you started for your session!Until next time!