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Email is a perfect, noncommittal way of reaching out. I’ll respond as quickly as possible to any questions you may have about availability or pricing, and maybe we’ll move to phone calls or face to face, a little later!

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Not afraid to talk? Dial the number! And if I’m not available to answer, I could be shooting, meeting, or avoiding the 7,000 telemarketing robots that call a day… leave a short message! Seriously, a simple “Hey this is Hermoine, call me back.” would be perfect!

Stop By

In the area? I’m home, a LOT. Stop and chat! The dog loves visitors more than phone calls! And I’m not going to lie, I love showing you this seriously cool house I get to live in!
414 N. Farragut St.

Want to do a little stalking first?

Come check me out on social media, I'm hiding nothing! (Pay no attention to the Oreos under the bed...) I love new Facebook friends, and my Instagram is a variety of travel, work, food, and of course selfies (just a warning)!