Full Circle

I need to take a minute to brag about my friends. So this whole maternity picture thing started with my wanting BIG, bright, sunshine, greenery, water… and Nick was actually the one that pushed me to do it. That I get a one time chance at this (he’s still pretty firm on the “one and done” baby situation 🙂 But he also immediately planned a guys weekend around my absence and it didn’t even occur to him to go with me for the shoot in Miami.

So, despite my non-love of Michigan/snow/cold, I knew we had to do SOMETHING here. Though I am currently very personally attached, this new life is also his, and he doesn’t really have the option yet of photos without me in them… so here we are. One of the things I realized a couple years back is that if I were to hire an engagement/wedding photographer… I would actually want to hire… me! I like my style, I like what I offer, I like my price point… so what am I to do when I am not an option?

Answer : realize that I’ve been slowly training my best friends for this for the last decade <3 And that they have gone completely above and beyond my expectations! (Don’t get any funny ideas ladies…I don’t need more competition!) I can take care of styling, location, direction, and editing, but I needed them in so many ways. I refuse to curl my own hair, and Missy does it willingly (I’m still amazed by that!) and Kayla is magic at watching for the details. I love so many of these, and Nick and I have never had pictures taken that weren’t at arms length. He also gets credit for remembering all of the tips we’ve practiced the last 5.5 years.

So thank you to Missy for the images, Aurora (and I) will cherish them for ever. And thank you to Kayla for trying her hand at video so I could have something in my new favorite medium <3 I have become more and more grateful for these friendships and their help and support these last few months. I have faith that we will make it through the next transition as well! Love you both!