what to wear :: couples style :: hipster blues

what to wear wednesday :: couples style :: hipster blues

Last fall I headed out to the Northwest to visit my sister and land of the hipsters. This may not be a look for everyone, but it’s a prime example of what you can do to tastefully mix patterns and color.It’s the little details that set a theme for a style… the black rimmed glasses, the cardigan, the skinny tie. But I love how all of these textures and patterns play with each other… and in the right location, this outfit would really pop (and help tell a story).So a good place to start, if you’re completely lost, is to pick a color you can agree on. Then add in texture with layers of black and white patterns. Just remember not to match a solid top or solid bottom on both of you, to retain definition!And stop by the Couples Style Pin Board here (http://bit.ly/couplesstyle) to help with more inspiration!

Until next time! XOXO –