The BSC Elite – Up In Da Club

The BSC Elite 2021 is off to a bang up start! This is actually the second group of girls that I’ve shot so far, but the first group did a Valentines Theme, so I’ll give you a few more days to wait on those 😉 This year I am changing it up with a much smaller team, and small group sessions instead of the full group. So far this has definitely been a positive change up. They don’t see as much of each other, but there’s more personal one on one time for them, less waiting around for their ‘turn’, and more help in the styling department…which I know is more exciting. For me it means more time to experiment and try new things to add to my skill set, getting to know the girls a little more individually again, and… the styling. It will always be one of my many loves.

I’m really excited about this year and where is takes me, the girls, my business, and my family life. Don’t fear change, embrace it!