The BSC Elite – CLUE

I will admit I was nervous about how to combine my new job as mom with this career that I am clearly in love with. But after spending the day with these beauties and getting to do something out of the box as a warm up, I’m beyond happy to be back. Though I am still going to cut back from my usual summer shooting schedule, I am going to put everything into the sessions I do take this year. And I decided to start out with a little game… meet the players!

Professor Plum : Played by Sydney Klockziem, St. Johns High School, Class of 2023

Señorita White : Played by Nicole Enderi, Swan Valley High School, Class of 2022

Miss Peacock : Played by Rachel Sisco, Dow High, Class of 2022

Ms Scarlett : Played by Karli Rapin, Heritage High School, Class of 2024

Mr(s) Green : Played by Alectra Bork, Calvary Baptist, Class of 2022

Colonel Mustard : Played by Brianna Moline, Midland High School, Class of 2023