Tessa Muday

The email from Tessa’s dad was probably my favorite one of the year! They were looking for some of my favorite things… bright colors, urban looks, and VIDEO! Music to my ears! Hailing all the way from Gull Lake High School on the other side of Michigan we met up in Detroit for another grand adventure! I will never get enough of the big city and the things we can find that remind us of an “older world”. The fountain on Belle Isle has never shown as brightly as it did for Tessa! (Though my personal shining moment was the tie-dye dress…seriously…I can’t get enough!) She even made it through another look after being stung by a bee…on her FACE! Three cheers for this beauty who can make it all Top Model worthy!

I have been doing cheerleading since 3rd grade. I first started with allstar cheer in 1st grade, but I didn’t like it that much and that pushed me to do school cheer. I could do only sideline cheer up until 7th grade and then I was finally allowed to also do competitive cheer. I have been on Varsity since my freshman year and I love cheer because I have made so many great friends and continue to improve myself as a person and teammate through the sport. I am also a member of my school’s Welcoming Committee. This was only started at the beginning of last year and I joined midway through the year. It seemed like a fun idea as I enjoy talking to others and meeting new people.

My favorite look was the red jumpsuit because it was so simple yet so bold. I like that it went with multiple different backgrounds. The tie-dye dress is a close second because I love the colors and all the accessories.

I chose blacksheepchic because I wanted a unique urban setting with bright colors. After searching online for photographers all over Michigan, I kept coming back to blacksheepchic because the images were so colorful and unique. I knew my pictures wouldn’t be like my classmates’ pictures as I live 2.5 hours away. The video option was also another aspect that my father really liked. Over everything else, blacksheepchic matched what I was looking for in pictures. They weren’t overly airbrushed, there wasn’t a giant logo plastered all over the photos, and there were endless location options, which allowed me a perfect day in Detroit for my shoot.

I am looking forward to my first and last football game to cheer at along with my first and last competition. Hopefully, the last competition is Regionals or maybe even the State Championship! I’m also excited for school dances. The actual dances themselves aren’t the most fun thing in the world but getting all fancied up with friends and going out to eat is never a bad idea.

I definitely thought the session was going to be more awkward. Luckily, it wasn’t because Leslie was so easy to talk to and helped with makeup and hair. I think a big thing that sets blacksheepchic apart is the style consultation. I know that not every photographer offers that and I think the outfits are what made a big part of my pictures. There were so many options!

I am an Early Middle College student so I have a “5th year” of high school that combines additional college classes. At the end of this program, I will have earned an associates degree. While I may not technically get my diploma at the end of the school year, I am still the Class of 2021 and will walk at graduation with my classmates. After my 5th year, I plan on transferring to Western Michigan University for engineering. I’m not quite sure what type of engineering yet, but I am aiming for that field.

Prior to the session, I really enjoyed the style consultation. I enjoy fashion and thought it was fun to talk styles, try on clothes from the style closet, and play around with different items. For the actual session, I liked the “model” experience. Blacksheepchic definitely poses the seniors in ways that reflect their personalities and I liked that I could look back on my pictures and see it reflect me.