Rachel + Josh

“But I, I love it when you read to me. And you, You can read me anything.”

So Rachel and Josh weren’t planning on doing an engagement session, but gosh am I glad they did! It was my first time meeting Josh and I loved getting to know these two as a couple! They are the absolute picture of love and devotion! The way she looks at him, the way he kisses her on the forehead (seriously guys, NONE of this was prompted by me! Usually passersby hear me say “kissy kiss” at least 50 times!) And of course he starts out with “I don’t photograph well.” Umm, news to you Josh, true love photographs better than any Brad Pitt look-a-like out there!

We started at the house, an adorable oldie but a goodie, with Rachel’s flare for antiques and their shared passion for books. And then headed down to Old Town and the Red Eye Caffe (a new personal favorite since I’ve relocated to the neighborhood!)

These two will be tying the knot in less than a month, stay tuned to see what this adorable couple has come up with for their big day… or small day as the case may be… it may not be a super grand affair, but she shrugs and says “I just want to be married to him.” #meltmyheart

Rachel Stecker and Josh Tousignant