Chelsea + Chris

“My love a beacon in the night… My words will be your light… To carry you to me…”

We had a gorgeous winter day out at Midland City Forest. If you haven’t been, you MUST check it out! It’s full of trails for EVERYthing, and there’s an ice rink, sledding hill, and toboggan run!

As much as I wasn’t built to be in the cold (I may have come seriously close to slipping and falling on my butt a time or six…) these two apparently are! The way the light bounces off snow is just magical, and they’re in it for the long haul!

I actually can’t WAIT for New Years! (And those who know me have heard my rant about this being the worst holiday – for a single girl- EVER.) But this year…I’ve got a date! Two of them in fact! And we’re going to kill their winter wedding!

Chelsea Avery and Chris Casetta

This needs to be a great. big. canvas! Who’s with me?! <3