Sarah Lammers

Let me tell you about an amazing girl! But first, a little history. Nick and I have been hosting exchange students through the organization EF (Education First) since 2018. I have always wanted to foster teens, and this was our way of getting started with teenagers in a way that was a set commitment. (Exchange students come for one semester or the full school year.) Sarah is our 4th student. I “found” her in January of 2020 with her arrival being Aug of 2021. Then COVID. EF shut down their program for the year…and we end up with a baby of our own! Oops! Sarah had the option of deferring her year to the 2021-2022 school year, and also to back out to our change in household… not everyone wants to live with a baby! LOL. Thankfully she chose to still join us!

After delays due to vaccines and flights she arrived in late August, just before school started (we try to have them arrive with a little more cushion to get settled.) and never having held a baby (that she could remember). Over the year she because so important in our family that I couldn’t imagine her leaving. She becomes Rory’s favorite person. She was the most helpful kid ever. Helped cook, had great (spicy) tastes, watched the baby, traveled with us (Florida and Mexico/California on her first cruise), drove with me to Atlanta and spent countless hours shopping with me in Goodwill, spent every night playing games with us at dinner and hanging out, joined the cross country and track teams, went to homecoming, prom, and sporting events (Nick even took her to a Red Wings game), made friends with other kids who were able to come hang out with us too (Hanna from Germany was a bestie), and she even became a pro at giving a toddler a bath and getting her to bed! Of course there were a hundred other things, parties, holidays, adventures, shopping. And I enjoyed every minute!

Sarah arrived back in The Netherlands today. We miss her greatly, but she is going to do great things and kick life’s ass. I can’t wait to see her again! (Thank God for FaceTime 😉

If you’re interested in hosting, or what else it entails, shoot me a message! I’d be happy to tell you anything you’d like to know about the process and help get you started!