Natalie Reid

Meet Natalie! A darling John Glenn senior and member of The BSC Elite this year! We had a beautiful day in Bay City exploring a little more nature than I’m used to 😉

Throughout high school I’ve been involved in many activities. I started out with basketball and track and participated in each for a few years. I also joined SLS (students leading students). That group is very fun and gets you involved in school activity planning and educating on teen problems such as drunk driving. Although I have stepped down from basketball and track, I am now the leader of SLS and very excited for that this year. I’m also very involved in our art department. I’ve always had a passion for art and took an AP art class focused on ceramics. Apart from that, I’m an honors student and second in the class. I’ve always been a perfectionist and very devoted to school, so I like the struggle of AP and honors classes.

I’ve been looking forward to senior year for so long! I really just hope that it’s a normal year and that COVID doesn’t interfere with it. I can’t wait to hopefully go to all of the football games with my friends and just soak in the memories. Sadly it will be my last homecoming, but my first prom! I also received the opportunity to lead SLS (Students Leading Students). I’ve been a member for the past few years so I am super excited to lead it!

After graduation I plan to become a nurse practitioner specialized in either pediatrics or psychiatrics. I always wanted to be something in the medical field, but being a doctor just wasn’t for me. I want to have fun and not be super stressed out when I’m still young, so by going down the nurse practitioner path I can graduate at 21 and work a little bit as a nurse. Then I plan to go back to college a few years later to complete a 2 year program and become a nurse practitioner. I’ve always loved kids but also took an interest in psychology so my specialization is still up in the air!

With previous photographers they really just talked to my mom the whole time while I did different poses and it was pretty boring. I felt really included this time and it was actually fun to take the pictures!