Natalie Muday

What’s better than shooting a sibling? Shooting a cousin! This girl lived up to her family name and then some! I absolutely loved shooting her cousin Tessa who found me all the way from the other side of the state, so it was going to be a high bar… but Natalie was a STAR! This family knows fun fashion! And they’re all up for an adventure! Since it’s nearly a 3 hour drive to come to Bay City for their style consultation, and the Luxe + Film session includes travel, we chose Detroit, and specifically Belle Isle for Natalie’s session! And true to form we were chased away from one of our locations 😛 But that’s ok, if they don’t want to free publicity, we’ll just find something better! And we did! If I ever think of quitting photography, I look back at sessions like this, and come to my senses. <3