hugo wedding

“For one thing and one thing only…
To love you and keep you from ever getting lonely.”

Country girl meets country boy, they fall in love and the rest is history.But no, really, if you know me, you know that it took everything I had to find a common ground with people who WILLINGLY spend time in the dirty woods…camping, hiking, killing animals…eeeeeee! But I’m game for whatever gets thrown at me, and these two were no exception! From their engagement shoot in the woods where I was eaten alive by bugs the size of my fist, and nearly stepped on a snake… to THIS!Kaitlyn sent me a note a couple months back to notify me of a venue change for the ceremony… “Have you ever been to the Scottish Rite in Bay City?? You’ll love it!” And when the day came and I met her in the hall, I was clapping and screeching with glee at the FABULOUS old building! Only to be repeated when we arrive at My Sister’s Barn out in Fairgrove, and I’m greeted with another new reception venue that couldn’t be cooler!So there it is, our love and respect for things that aren’t “just like everyone else”… I mean after all… she did pick me! 😉

Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding. Beautiful Day. So glad to have these two as part of my family <3

June 21st, 2015
Kaitlyn and Calvin Hugo
Cupcakes :: SugarHigh Bakery
Flowers :: Memories by Candlelight
Dresses :: David’s Bridal
Ceremony Venue :: Scottish Rite
Reception Venue :: My Sister’s Barn