Emily + Seth

“Days like these-they don’t get any better…
Let this be for always and forever…”

Emily and I met a few months back, an interview to decide if I was the right fit for her wedding… apparently I passed the test and had the pleasure of meeting up with her and her groom-to-be for an amazing night in downtown Saginaw!I may have squealed and clapped my hands a bit when I heard about the bow tie and suspenders, I’m not gunna lie. Then she mentioned the Castle Museum and Hoyt Library! More squealing, more clapping!And then there was the challenge….how do you pose a gorgeous couple with a 15″ height difference?! Ohhhh….I love a challenge! And my sorry first attempts had us all doubled over in laughter! I absolutely love these two! Their style, their lighthearted natures, their laughter, and their faith… out of this world! Can’t wait until next May!
Emily Peters and Seth Illich