Emily + Eric

“I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come… Watchin’ the ships roll in…”

I love ‘out-of-the-box’. I love new ideas, new people, and especially, new places! So when I met with Emily and Eric for the first time to talk about their wedding….absolutely EVERYTHING excited me! Their ceremony and their reception are going to be at gorgeous places I’ve never been… then… came THIS!They had just recently moved up to Petoskey after Emily scored a (mega jealousy inducing) job working in Interior Design for Boyne… and they wanted to incorporate their new home into their engagement session. YES! Lets go!I was a little nervous as we hit the docks with the clouds looming overhead…(yet another trip to Michigans WEST coast, and I was going to miss the sunset yet again?!) but within minutes the winds changed and the skies opened up to a gorgeous cloudless blue! And these two did such an awesome job in front of the camera! I’m so proud! I love their laughter and smiles, and his willingness to go along with just about anything!I can’t WAIT until spring to watch this stunning bride walk down the aisle! So beautiful! Inside and out!

Emily Kostal and Eric Miller