Danielle + Kyle

“You’re my morning star shining brightly beside me… And if we keep this love… We will last through all eternity…”

Laughter. Oh my gosh, the laughter! Talk about making my job easy! Sometimes guys really put me to work to try and pull a genuine smile from them…not this one! Dimples for days!

They are so ridiculously cute together and we had SUCH a great time! Of course there was a nice running commentary about how they hang out in doorways kissing, or stroll down the street hand in hand staring at each other lovingly every day… totally normal… but shoot, maybe they really should! Cause really, who’s gunna argue?!

I am beyond excited for their wedding and it’s still eight months away! Bring on the laughter and love! <3

Danielle Castillo and Kyle Thompson

^^^ See this one attempt at “serious face”??? It’s hard to pull it off when this is the reaction! 😉 v v v