Danielle Harper

I can not fully express how days like this one fuel the love and joy of my “job”. People would classify me as a creative, but what they don’t understand is that it takes people with energy and style (or at least an openness to it) to spark it. Danielle, with the added energy of her mom and my girl Rachel, took this day to the next level. Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it. A road trip to Detroit started with turning around to go back for forgotten items 20 miles down the road. A drive through Eastern Market and surrounding blocks gave us this killer mural, the most perfect forgotten alley, and a church under construction. (almost leaving aNOTHER article of clothing behind!) Then on to the outside of an apartment building that security chased us away from because obviously we’re a threat. And a parking deck that security (literally) chased us away from because (apparently) it’s illegal to lay on the ground. (There isn’t an eye roll dramatic enough for my feelings on that one!) And finally a little haunted trip to my favorite building (granted it wouldn’t have been THAT dark if it wasn’t for all of our other daily trials) to finish off the night! It’s the imperfections that make life worth living. This day was not “perfect” but there isn’t a better one in sight. <3 Go get ’em, Danielle!