Chase Williams

I promised there would be more guys than ever this year! Meet Chase, the brother of an old elite member and a great personality bringing it all to this session! I’m telling you, when the guys show up for fun, we have a fantastic time! (Even if it means waiting in the rain just to reschedule :P) Anyway, here’s to Chase’s senior year at John Glenn!

What school Clubs/Activities are you involved in?

I’ve been doing swimming for about 4 years I started it when I wanted to do a sport and wanted to get in shape. I joined track in 10th grade and have been in it for two years I joined because I wanted another sport to do with my friends so I ended up just joining hurdles.

Why did you choose blacksheepchic?

I was recommended it by a previous customer.

What are you most looking forward to your Senior Year?

Well given this year is really bad because of Covid the most I can hope for is to have one really good last year with my boys.

What do you think makes blacksheepchic different than other photographers?

We managed to find some fun poses to do that didn’t feel extremely generic as well as actually having fun with the shoot.

What are your current plans after graduation?

After highschool I plan on spending 3 years at Delta College getting a degree in social work after which my plan is to transfer to SVSU to finish it. I want to become a social worker in order to help people because I’m not good at many things but I believe I can handle that. Along the way the most difficult hurdle that I’ll have to overcome will be getting a girlfriend so wish me luck.

What was your favorite thing about your session?

When Leslie told a really bad joke to get me to smile slightly better.